The Village celebrates the resilient, innovative, everyday Australians who are demonstrating great ingenuity, compassion and tenacity in the face of big challenges.

The profiles open a window into peoples’ lives and reveal their influences, inspirations and what change they hope to achieve.

About me

My name is Matilda Bowra and I am a Writer and Storyteller based in based in Melbourne, Australia.

I love meeting people and listening to their stories. I particularly enjoy conversations with people who are working to create a better world.

Unfortunately, their stories aren’t often found in mainstream media, so I created a blog to shine a light on people who are quietly fostering a more compassionate society, nurturing our environment and helping us live well.

The Village is a collection of unashamedly positive stories that reflect my subjects’ selflessness and optimism. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy collecting them.

© Matilda Bowra 2020

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